Venue Rentals

The Pointe Coupee Historical Society offers venue rentals in the Julien Poydras Museum and Arts Center for seminars, reunions, plitcal events, weddings, as well as long-term leases.   Our facility has on-site staff, rear level entry accessibility, secure designated parking, an elevator, restrooms, and auditorium seating.  Rental Space is available on all 3 floors and the front grounds.  

Front Grounds:  

Host your event in the large front yard, which features a gazebo stage and restroom access.  

$250 per day

First Floor:


Auditorium - 250-seat auditorium with high quality acoustics, stage and outside accessible stage entrance.


Museum Room - Located between the front entrance and auditorium doors.  Ideal for larger receptions  and art shows.  1,091sq.ft. and small kitchenette included.


Meeting Room - A flexible 532 sq. ft. room attached to the kitchen with a stove, freezer, and refrigerator and café.


Kitchen - Restored large kitchen with lots of natural light, stove, freezer, and refrigerator with an attached café.  


Second Floor:


Room 201 - 21x28' office space


Room 232 - 19x28' office space


Room 227 - 11x19' office space


Room 223 - 19x28' office space


Room 227 - 21x28' office space



Room 222-  21x28' office space


Third Floor:


Room 310 - PCHS Storage


Room 301 - Lew Carter Collection


Room 321- 21x23 Gallery

Permanent collection exhibit: People, Porches, and Places